Garment Care

  • Your garment will give you great service if you follow the care instructions on the label
  • Always wash new garments separately for the first wash.
  • Wash similar colours together using a mild detergent
  •  Avoid harsh chemicals and bleaches as they can destroy the fibers over time
  • Cotton garments, or those with high cotton content, can be expected to have some shrinkage after the first wash. It is also a characteristic of natural fibers, for colors to fade more obviously over time.
  •  In general knitted garments, like polos, should be dried flat and out of direct sunlight as this will help to retain the color and shape and keep your garment looking it’s best for longer.
  • Some garments may have special trims or fabric treatments which may be affected by dry-cleaning solvents – always refer to the care label or your specialist dry-cleaner for advice